Project 530

Workshops and consulting with a green focus

530 nanometres indicate the wavelength of the colour green. We perceive the colour green inevitably with our eyes, my goal is that we also think, plan and act in a green way.

I would like to raise awareness for people in the textile industry, to help them act more sustainable and implement the protection of our environment in the supply chain.

I give workshops accompanied by intricate presentations and comprehensible visualisations. The green knowledge I convey, will help you to base your decisions and strategies under the aspect of sustainability.

State of the art design and future oriented product management cannot exist without sustainability anymore.

I speak about following topics on site or online, true to the motto:

  • facts and info about climate change and environmental pollution
  • the biggest environmental impact points of the fashion business
  • analysis of different raw materials and fibres and sustainable alternatives
  • sustainable future solutions for the supply chain regarding denim and jeans
  • explanation of certifications and labels
  • how to recognize and avoid greenwashing
  • transparent and intelligible communication of sustainable strategies

For further information, please contact me via email or mobile number.